Easy to close the latest national standard data - 2013 standard

With the official entry into force of the GB Standard 2013, the following standard has been added to the standard section of the Easy Fastener Fastener Network:

Square neck bolt:

GB/T 10-2013 countersunk head neck bolt

See the standard data here http://

GB/T 12-2013 semi-circular head square neck bolt

See the standard data here http://

GB/T 14-2013 large round head square neck bolt

See the standard data here http://

With bolts:

GB/T 11-2013 countersunk head bolt

GB/T 13-2013 semi-circular head with bolts

GB/T 15-2013 large semi-circular head with bolts

Bolts for holes:
GB/T 27-2013 Hexagon head reaming bolt

GB/T 28-2013 hexagon head head with hole reaming bolt

Hex head with slotted bolts:

GB/T 29.1-2013 Hex head slotted full tooth bolt

GB/T 29.2-2013 Cross recessed hex head bolt


GB/T 31.1-2013 hexagon head screw with hole bolt

GB/T 35-2013 small square head bolt

In addition, the following standards have been updated and improved.

HG/T 21573.2-1995 BT double stud

DIN 6885-1968 flat key

Remarks: 1, GB/T 14-2013 has a big change from GB/T 14-1998. Please pay attention to the query when ordering production.

2, more update standards, please pay attention to or call 4006-164580 customer service phone

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Remarks: All publicly available data is intended to be easily accessible to customers in the industry. The data is for reference only!

For the specific standard data and dimensions used in the specific screw trade & production process, please check in multiple places and confirm! To ensure the integrity and correctness of the data!


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