Do not know the general knowledge of hardware: door locks have shelf life

【China Aluminum Industry Network】Clock lock cylinders in the current market are classified into A, B, and B grades. "Consumers can identify how good the cylinders are by how many marbles are arranged. Generally speaking, multi-row marble locks are better than single row marble locks. Multi-row stealth marble locks are also superior to ordinary multi-row marble locks." Editor's note, the manufacturing cost of Class B lock cylinders is much higher than that of Class A lock cylinders. Therefore, most of the products introduced by lock brands in the market are Class A locks. "If there is only one row of marbles for the anti-theft door key, the basic one is the A-level lock cylinder. If you feel that it is not safe enough, you can replace it with a Class B or Super B lock cylinder to improve the overall anti-theft performance of the security door." Material work is also very important “In addition to the lock cylinder, the quality of hardware accessories is also critical.” Experts tell the editors that the material of locks is generally aluminum alloy, stainless steel and copper. Among them, the strength and durability of aluminum alloys are poor, copper is better, but The price is also higher. “Also is a copper lock. The difference in workmanship and quality of various brands is also very large. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between them.” The salesman said that if consumers want to buy a “safe lock,” the approach is to make more comparisons. The brand's locks are very delicate and workmanship. The work of the low-end locks will appear to be rough. In addition, the sound of the good lock is usually very crisp when it is turned on, and the low-end lock will appear loose when the key is inserted, and the sound when the key is turned on is mostly boring. Every five years, the door locks have to change their mind. "The general lock has a long service life, the lock cylinder will naturally wear out, and it is easy to be opened by a key with a similar tooth shape." A nearby master who unlocked the key said that ordinary door locks must be replaced after five or six years of use. A lock cylinder. The editor reminded the owners that many residential security doors and door locks were purchased and installed by real estate developers, and most of them were not particularly good quality locks. "The same type of door locks are used in large numbers in the same community. Theoretically speaking, there is a high probability that "one door will be locked and several doors open." Many residents in many communities report that they often have the wrong unit. , Open the door but found that it is not their own home.” Editors remind users, if you do not replace the lock cylinder for a long time, it will have more serious security risks. The general lock life is long, the lock cylinder will naturally wear out, it is easy to open the key similar to the tooth shape. If you don't change the lock cylinder for a long time, you will have more serious safety hazards. It is very likely that you will open a door with a few locks. Therefore, the hardware door lock must ensure the quality of accessories and avoid unnecessary troubles.