Diamond ultra-precision tool for mirror and high precision cutting of high hardness materials

Abstract What is the ultra-precision cutting tool "BL-UPC"? "BL-UPC" is a nano-scale high-knife precision cutter that ALMT is good at.
What is the ultra-precision cutting tool "BL-UPC"?

"BL-UPC" is a cutting tool with nano-scale high-knife precision that is good at ALMT. The tool tip is made of nano-polycrystalline diamond (SUMIDIATM BINDERLESS)*, which enables ultra-precision machining of high-hardness materials such as super-hard alloys that have not been able to be machined before, and meets the requirements for miniaturization and high-precision machining. The mold material of a glass lens, such as a sensor lens, which is excellent in optical characteristics and heat resistance, is generally a high-hardness material such as a super-hard alloy. In recent years, the demand for miniaturization and high precision of lenses has been increasing, and the company's "BL-UPC" has helped. To improve the accuracy of the mold. It can also be used to process high hardness and brittle materials such as glass lens, prism sheet large roll mold, and large light guide plate mold.

What are the characteristics of the ultra-precision cutting tool "BL-UPC"?

● Excellent defect resistance and wear resistance that single crystal and polycrystalline diamond do not have

● Fine blade with the same sharpness as single crystal diamond

● Non-anisotropic, no partial wear due to crystal orientation

Because of the above characteristics, it is capable of ultra-precision machining of high-hardness materials such as super-hard alloys. If this product is used, it is possible to shorten the manual grinding process after the previous grinding process and the die-cutting process to one process, thereby reducing the cost and shortening the delivery time, and the unskilled operator is also expected to obtain sub-micron precision.

※ Nano-polycrystalline diamond (SUMIDIATM BINDERLESS) is a material developed by Sumitomo Electric Industries Co., Ltd. It is a diamond single-phase nanopolycrystal formed by the solid combination of tens of nanometers of fine diamond particles. The "World Business Satellite" program, which was broadcast on February 18, 2015, featured "Japan's material power" and introduced artificial diamonds that support the production of Japanese products.

Technician interview:

What is the reaction of the customer after the sale?

Nano-polycrystalline diamond with properties not found in previous materials is used as the tool tip material for cutting tools, which improves wear resistance and defect resistance, and the tool life is 2 to 10 times that of the previous one. Moreover, the tool can satisfy the demand for micro-machining of hard and brittle material molds such as super-hard alloys which cannot be cut by single crystal diamond tools, large-scale processing of plastic lens molds, and formation of large-area micropatterns, and the transaction is increasing. Some customers have received the following praise: Previously, when machining a mold, a variety of tools were required to make it, and with "BL-UPC", a tool can process the mold.

Please introduce the new products that are currently being developed.

(1) CVD single crystal turning insert

This is a CVD single crystal diamond material developed by Sumitomo Electric Superhard Alloy Co., Ltd., and a cutting tool for the mass production market. This CVD single crystal diamond is a unique material with high potential in the application development of the Sumitomo Electric Group. By machining into a sharp tip, mirror processing, burr reduction, and a life expectancy of PCD cutting tools are achieved. It is also possible to provide tools for the use of large CVD single crystal diamonds at low prices, and is now planning to increase sales to mass production markets such as aluminum parts for automobiles and resin lenses.

(2) Ultra-precision diamond cutting tool for blade width 900 nm slotting

A micro-grooving tool with a minimum width of 1 micron or less in the world of single crystal diamond cutting tools has been developed. The newly developed grinding device and grinding technology are used to suppress the vibration that causes the blade tip defect, control the grinding amount of dozens of nanometers, and successfully push the product to the market. In the future, we plan to expand the scope of application and enter the field of microfabrication such as biomedicine and semiconductor.

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