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The floor is one of the main building materials for modern people to decorate the ground. The floor purchase has become a major problem for users. A good floor not only brings comfortable and comfortable home life to the home, but also takes care of the habits of each family member. The quality of floors in the market is uneven, and big brands can always give people more protection. Bad floor quality can affect people’s feelings of living. Buying the floor not only depends on the brand, but also depends on its quality of reputation. Del flooring has won many honors over the years and is trustworthy. So how about the quality of Del flooring ? How is the del floor price ? Follow me to learn about it!

1. Del flooring introduction

Del flooring is manufactured by Del Group and is headquartered in Suzhou, a historical and cultural city. DER Del Group is the world's leading manufacturer of professional wood flooring. The 2008 Beijing Olympics home improvement and furnishing flooring suppliers have for many years been committed to providing global consumers with environmentally-friendly, technology-leading home products and cutting-edge home experiences.

The DER Delta brand has gradually realized the international operation of design, production and sales. Over the years, Del flooring has been adhering to the "professional, dedicated, and innovative" business philosophy, brand as the core, build the core competitiveness of the home industry, and strive to make the Del brand into one of the leading brands in the international home field.

2. How is the quality of Del flooring?

The Del River Floor Group's production base in Wujiang is one of the country's largest wood flooring production bases. It has world-class production lines such as German HOMAG and Dutch Sand Pa, and has a number of key product patents in the processing of floor materials and appearance processing. Thanks to the technology, Del's production line can be assured, and the quality of Del's flooring is also trustworthy.


Today, Del Floor Group has become a pioneer in the industry, relying on the combination of “wood and technology” to strengthen research and development and commit to the development of the highest quality and latest technology of wood floor covering materials. The promotion of a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle not only concerns the family's health and environmental protection, but also cares for natural green harmony. The harmonious development of individual families and humans' homes is the tireless pursuit and lifelong mission of Delite Group.

Del flooring Group is constantly introducing personalized products and services. In the face of mature and rational consumers, Deere Floor Group implements the Trinity and serves customers in all aspects. The service system of Del Floor is not only limited to after-sales services, but also includes pre-service and sales process services, and innovative services. Has become an important part of Del. Institutionalization, formalization, and concreteness are the criteria when Deer develops its products into the market.


3, Del Floor's official website price

The following is a partial introduction to's official website price. Everyone can refer to:

Deer flooring official website quote

Solid wood composite floor S1201 910*127*12MM 198.00 yuan/square meter

Solid wood composite floor S1203 910*127*12MM 258.00 yuan/square meter

Solid wood composite flooring SE-6 1200*165*15mm 538.00 yuan/square meter

Solid wood flooring Elm 06 1210*189*15/1.3mm 332.00 yuan/square meter

Solid wood composite floor SO-2 900*125*15mm 450.00 yuan/square meter

Solid wood composite floor SO-7 Beech 900*125*15mm 515.00Yuan/square meter

Solid wood floor SM-12 910*125*18mm 508.00 yuan/square meter

Laminate flooring classic teak 1216*144.5*11.2 168.00 yuan/square meter

Strengthen the composite floor OT-6 1216*165*11.7mm 258.00 yuan / square meter

Laminate flooring JC814 1215*193*8mm 118.00 yuan/square meter

Laminate flooring MC05 1216*143.5*12mm 188.00 yuan/square meter

Edit Summary: The above is today I want to tell you how to Del Seoul floor flooring official website prices. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information, or go to this website to find more products that you like!

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