Analysis of the effect of polyethylene wax on PVC pipe profiles

Under normal circumstances, many manufacturers of PVC pipe profiles prefer to use paraffin as a lubricant.

However, they also overlooked a problem, that is, paraffin wax has low softening point and poor dispersibility. In the process of production, the temperature is too high, the paraffin wax is basically liquefied, and it becomes gaseous vaporized, so the PVC pipe profile is bright. Sex is naturally not good. The effect of dispersion is not good. Even if it is successful, the PVC pipe profiles will be stained on the surface.

PVC pipe profiles produced with polyethylene wax will not have such a problem, because the polyethylene wax itself has a high softening point, and under high temperature conditions, the polyethylene wax will only become a liquid, and if the polyethylene wax is high in viscosity, Dispersion is not good, but the brightness is very good. If the viscosity of polyethylene wax is low, the dispersion is very good, and the brightness is good. Because there are many customers, some prefer to use polyethylene wax with high viscosity, and some like to use it. Polyethylene wax with low viscosity, choose the right polyethylene wax according to different needs of customers.

Pay special attention to the fact that it must be pure polyethylene wax, not a polyethylene wax with added impurities. The PVC pipe profile produced by pure polyethylene wax is smooth and bright.

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