2016 China International Locks Security Exhibition will be held in Shanghai

October 21-23, 2016 China International Locks Security Exhibition (CILS) will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This exhibition will attract more than 600 companies from the lock industry and security industry leaders. The second largest hardware exhibition - China International Hardware Exhibition's special exhibition, CILS is positioned in "internationalization, domestic demand market development, technology orientation and brand promotion", to create a "barometer" for the locks and security industry market, the "wind vane" for industry development . Under the tide of smart homes, modern technologies such as electronic control, digital, and automation have also penetrated into the field of doors and windows. Security issues are the focus of everyone's attention. It is especially important to choose a security door. Only truly safe and intelligent doors are available. It can meet the needs of modern families for life and office.

History of security doors

When we talk about the security door, we talk about the history of the security door. The role of the door is not only to enter and exit, but its more direct purpose is to prevent the beasts and outsiders from entering. Our distant ancestors blocked a stone or some branches at the entrance to the cave before going to bed, which cut off the cold current and prevented the beasts from invading.

Entering a civilized society, the door's anti-blocking effect is to prevent villains, and the imaginary socialists have long proposed the ideal of "no nights closed." Only the door is not safe, how to prevent outsiders from entering? In the past, the ancestors invented the lock tool, the purpose is to protect family property, so the past philosophy is: a key lock, a door and a home. With the development of technology, the key can be highly reproducible, and the lock has become less secure and reliable. In the modern times, the security door with the door lock integrated. With the continuous improvement of the forging technology, the internal structure of the lock is more and more complicated. One foot high, one high in the magical height. Some criminals have studied high-end locks. The criminals who have been robbed of burglary have said: "As long as the key is opened, we can copy it. No matter how precise the lock is, we can just open the same key. "The security door lock is heavy and the precision is flawed. Is there a better solution? Since the key is flawed, then is it better to remove it?"

Then the security door is derived from password lock, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and pupil recognition. In terms of cost and technology, only the password lock can be popularized. But the password lock, any one knows your password, then the security door is like a dummy. At this time, there was a new type of security door that gave birth to a "smart remote security door."

Intelligent remote control security door

The scope of China International Locks Security Exhibition includes mechanical locks, electronic locks, vehicle traffic locks, safes (cabinet) and security products, locks (attached) and related technical equipment, which will attract distributors and agents in the industry. The user unit interacts with the exhibiting company. It will also further promote the audience's understanding of the intelligent remote control security door. Take the more well-known titanium intelligent remote control security door as an example. Firstly, the titanium intelligent remote control security door has no keyhole. In the first step, the security door is flawed, and theft is impossible. The remote control unlocks and the remote control is exclusively paired. One lock corresponds to a signal remote control and cannot be copied. The remote control range is wide, and the door can be opened for the guests anywhere in the home. The next 24 hours mobile phone real-time monitoring, electronic cat eyes can record the door at home, open the door mobile phone reminder; 3 door lock micro-end CPU independent operation, to ensure that titanium can intelligent remote door operation, internal lithium battery configuration, power outage is also available; 5 seconds emergency Unlocking, mechanical lock design, open the door in 5 seconds under emergency conditions.

Through the platform of CILS exhibition, it is of great significance to promote the interaction between Chinese door and window lock enterprises, realize the beneficial combination of buyers and sellers, and promote the further development of intelligent security doors. The intelligent security door is not so high, it is a more intimate performance of the service, let the security door know you better, make life more secure, open the door for one-click operation, life is as simple as that. At the critical moment of the development of the door and window industry, only when we work together to face the opportunities and challenges together can we seize the business opportunities and enable the industry to achieve rapid development.

Editor in charge: Liu Jiehui

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